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Welcome to the War History Sites!

Welcome to the War History Sites! The aim of the website is to provide information on historical sites in relation to the Malayan Campaign and Malayan Emergency. This website will also contain military history tours that will be conducted by experienced Battlefield Guides that will share their knowledge on the historical background of each site.

Our biggest event for 2019 is the Military History Conference and Tour that will be held from 10th August – 18th August 2019. The theme of the event is called “Malaya at War”. We believe that this will be the first Military History Conference in Asia and we are proud that Malaysia will be hosting it.

The Military History Conference will be held from 10th August till 11th August 2019. The theme for the Conference is called “Malaya at War – Remembering the Malayan Campaign and Malayan Emergency”. The Conference will feature distinguished speakers such as Rear Admiral (R) Guy Griffiths, AO, DSO, DSC, who served on board the HMS Repulse that was sunk by the Japanese aircraft on the 10th December 1941 and Rear Admiral (R) Tan Sri K. Thanabalasingam who was the first Malaysian to be appointed as the Chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy. For the Malayan Emergency, we have the Commissioner of Police (R) Tan Sri J J Raj Jr, who was the OCPD of the Pagoh District when the Bukit Kepong tragedy occurred. Tan Sri J J Raj Jr was one of the last people to have visited the Bukit Kepong Police Station and met Sgt Jamil Mohd Shah, hours before the Station was attacked by the Communist Terrorists. The Conference is for one and a half days with a full day dedicated to the Malayan Campaign and another half day to the Malayan Emergency. It will be a memorable Conference.

For participants who can’t get enough of military history and want to have a personal experience of “seeing it and being there”, a military history tour called “The Malaya at War History Tour” will take place the following day. The military history tour will take the participants across 5 different states with an optional tour to Kota Bharu to view the first landing site of the Imperial Japanese Army. The tour will run from 12th August till 18th August 2019 with an optional tour to Kota Bharu from 19th August till 20th August 2019. Amongst the sites that we will be visiting will be Parit Sulong where the infamous massacre took place, Green Ridge where the fierce Battle of Kampar was fought and the home of Malayan heroine Sybil Kartigasu which will be a rare treat as it is now a private property and special permission has been obtained to visit the home. For further details on the our, please visit the Itinerary.



Home of Sybil Kathigasu The home of Malayan WWII heroine, Sybil Kathigasu is located at 74 Main Street, Papan. Sybil Kathigasu is the only Malayan woman who was awarded a George Medal for her bravery and courage. During WWII Sybil Kathigasu…

The Malayan Chinese War Memorial

The Malayan Chinese War Memorial (1941-1945) This is one of the rare Memorials that is dedicated to civilians who lost their lives in WWII. As far as we know, the Memorial does not have a formal name. We called it as “The Malayan Chinese War…

The Taiping War Cemetery

Perkuburan Peperangan Taiping

The Taiping War Cemetery (Perkuburan Peperangan Taiping) The Taiping War Cemetery is located on Jalan Bukit Larut. It is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. HRH Prince Charles visited the Cemetery in November 2017 which emphasises…

The Gemas Broken Bridge


The Gemas Broken Bridge, Gemas The bridge is located in the town of Gemas at the border between Negeri Sembilan and Johor. The bridge was blown up by the Australian troops before withdrawing down south to Batu Anam. By blowing up the…

The Kelamah River Memorial

The Battle for Gemas Memorial

The Kelamah River Memorial (The Battle for Gemas Memorial) / WWII Memorial Japan Australia, Gemencheh / Gemas The Kelamah River Memorial also known as the the WWII Memorial Japan Australia commemorates the Battle of Gemas. This was the…

World War II Memorial Museum

Bank Kerapu

World War II Memorial Museum (“Bank Kerapu”) The World War II Memorial museum in Kota Bharu is also known as “Bank Kerapu”. The World War II Memorial museum is located at Padang Merdeka. It was built in 1912 to be used as a commercial bank by the…

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